A Night Out In Your Teens Compared To In Your 20’s 


Why a night in get’s more tempting than a night out

Posted on February 28, 2017, at 12:19 p.m.



1. Heels In Your Teens:

Related image

Xclusive Touch / Via

The bigger and shinier the better- so what if they hurt my feet. If I drink enough I won’t feel them anyway and I will probably walk better in them too.

Heels in Your 20’s: 


giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Do they hurt? Do they support my ankles properly? Could I get away with wearing flats? Probably not. If they are more than three inches high then forget it, there’s nothing sexy about me walking like an awkward penguin or falling down at least one flight of stairs.

2. Outfit In Your Teens:

giphy.com / Via giphy.com


The smaller and tighter the better. I can’t go out wearing the same thing twice, but I haven’t got the money to buy a new outfit yet again. Maybe, I will just keep the tags on and take it back on Monday…

Outfit In Your 20’s :

comfy coat.gif

giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Will I be warm enough in this? I could go shopping and try something new on? *What I’m thinking whilst trying something new on*… ‘that’s not comfortable enough/ it’s showing off my belly bulge/ it’s way too expensive for what it is/nope, that material won’t last long after it’s been through the wash’. Black jeans and comfy coat it is then.


3. Money In Your Teens:


piggy bank.gif

giphy.com / Via giphy.com

As long as I have enough money to get to town and to get in the club, I will just figure the rest out when I’m there. Maybe I should take my bank card just in case there’s something on it, there probably won’t be seeing as I’m a student.

Money In Your 20’s:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

As long as I have enough money to get some food on the way home and a nice, warm taxi, I will figure the rest out when I’m there. Do not take your bank card out, you know how damaging this will be.



4. Music In Your Teens:


crazy dancing.gif

giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Oh my god, I love this song, and the next one and the next one!



Music In Your 20’s:


What the hell is this noise? I’m definitely going to have ringing ears when I get home.



4. Pictures In Your Teens:


Kiwi the Beauty / Via google.co.uk

Snap as many ‘in the moment’ photos throughout the night, if there is a one looking into the strobe lights, one with the DJ in it and a group ‘shoefie’ then we are winning.

Pictures In Your 20’s:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Take them all before leaving the house, we have learnt that as the night goes on no one will want to see the state of our faces, least of all us.

5. Drinking In Your Teens:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

The more you can get for your money the better. £1.00 shots, get in my belly , 2 for £3 on vodka red bull, yep, free drink with club entry, absolutely!

Drinking In Your 20’s:



iphy.com / Via giphy.com

It’s all about pacing yourself, you know how bad the hangover will be tomorrow so drinking water in between drinks and soda water with vodka is a must…plus you can kid yourself it’s healthier. Bonus points for having lime with it, then you’ve had one of your 5-a-day.



6. The Smell In A Club In Your Teens:

smell vodka.gif

giphy.com / Via giphy.com

What smell? (Guy walks past) Ooh, his after shave smells good. (Get to the bar) Oh yep, I




The Smell In A Club In Your 20’s:

bad smell.gif

iphy.com / Via giphy.com

Wow, what is that smell?! Is it vomit? Is it the copious amounts of alcohol sticking my shoes to the floor? Or maybe it’s the visibly condensed layer of sweat in the air. I feel dirtier by the second and not in a good way.

7. Walking Into A Nightclub In Your Teens:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Woo! It’s so fun, look how many people there are to mingle with, I love the music, I can’t wait to get to the dancefloor.

Walking Into A Nightclub In Your 20’s:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

What the hell is this? I need a drink asap. Where’s the bar? I can’t see anything in here! Oh shit, I’m going to fall over. Is that boy seriously wearing sunglasses? That poor girl must be freezing wearing such a tiny dress, I wish I had a spare jacket for her. Can that boy please stop pushing into me! How do you dance to this music? I need a wall or a table to lean against/rest my arm/hide behind. I am definitely the oldest person in here, this is embarrassing it’s time to leave.

8. Hangover In Your Teens:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Takes 3 pro plus, then completes 10 hour shift.

Hangover In Your 20’s:



giphy.com / Via giphy.com

Clear all plans from the diary…moving from my bed to the sofa is going to be hard work. There is absolutely no way I’m going outside, the world is a terrifying place right now.

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