What the word capable means to me (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Capable


Not too long ago I thought I wasn’t capable of anything really,

Other than capable of causing pain and suffering especially to those who tried to care.

It’s not been an easy road, far from it

It has been the most difficult road of my existence.

However, as time goes on I find it’s true what they say about overcoming pain,

it becomes an unforgettable lesson and furthermore it has definitely made me stronger.

Since that time not so long ago, I have had the opportunity to travel on my own, with friends and with strangers.

I have become a homeowner, landlady and air bnb host,

I have volunteered, fundraised and worked with troubled youngsters.

But my biggest accomplishment was to sought the help I desperately needed in the first place.

I met my counsellour who has heard my deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings and through speaking to her, I have realised I am just a human being.

I make mistakes like any other, however I am also capable of living a fulfilling life.

Not just in the eyes of others but through my own eyes.

I am capable of adding value to the world, the people I care about and most importantly to my own life. I am in control. I am worthy. I am capable.


Next time, you think the whole world is against you or that you are not supposed to be part of this world remember if you give yourself the chance to work through this pain you can make it to the other side.
So that’s what the word capable means to me.



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