Mind over marathon…

So, on Sunday the 24th September I am going to be running the Robin Hood full marathon and it is fair to say that I am just a tad scared! Here’s my motivation, story and charity links below.

This has taken me longer than expected to write and there a two reasons for that!

Number one: It has been a battle to stay positive and confident in the knowledge that my body and mind are capable of doing this! This time last year, I struggled to run to catch the bus, I nearly broke my ankle when walking off a step and my idea of cardio was a brisk walk! So, it’s fair to say things have changed quite a bit in the last three months!

The other reason is because it has been difficult for me to work out which charity I would like to raise some money for. With mental health being such an impact in my own life, this helped me to narrow down to two different charities…

Samaritans is a primarily a 24 hour phone and message line that is open to anyone. You can be elderly, underage or famous and not have to worry about this information being recorded, affecting your loved ones or affecting your employment. If you call this number it won’t even show up on your phone bill, it’s completely free from all phones inside of the U.K and you can call as many times as you like.  And with someone calling every 52 seconds with suicidal tendencies all that we can hope is that some of these people can get that first bit of very important support in that despairing moment of need.

This leads me onto my second choice which is the Nottingham Counselling Service. As well as the want to support people in immediate emotional turmoil, it would be great to give the chance for people to get back on their feet over a longer period of time. This is an organisation which allows anyone in Nottingham to go to counselling on a weekly basis for as long as they need. They have the chance to be matched with a counsellour suited to their needs and the costs to go are minimal. It would be great to support for such a small yet amazing organisation which has honestly changed my life and with continued funding can hopefully go on to help so many more people!

And in that very British way we do,  I can only thank you all yet again  for taking the time to read this and thanks if you decide that you want to support the cause!

Here are both the links so you can decide which charity you would rather donate to:

Nottingham Counselling Service:




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